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    Since weight is an issue when I backpack in, I leave the materials at my truck (trail head). When I pack the head and meat out, I spend the time to inject the antlers while at trail head.

    All of the materials needed can be ordered at most taxidermy supply stores. VanDykes sells all the materials and they have an on-line store where you can order from your home. You can also but the heavy gauge syringes/needles at most feed supply stores.
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    Thanks Bowhntr! Never thought about using the same needles and syringes that we use to vaccinate our cattle, they would work great! Good luck in all of your hunts this year.
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    Anybody ever heard of rubbing the velvet with a rag soaked in turpentine? I talked to a guy who had several mounts with velvet. He said that's what he did before he started the method BOHNTR described. Turpentine sounds a little random, but that is why Im asking.

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    My taxidermist told me a couple years ago that denatured alcohol works fine...I haven't been lucky enough to try it yet but if I'm backpack hunting I put a bottle of it in my pack as well as some 10cc syringes and needles (I work in a physician office where we do procedures so I can snag a couple of each before season).



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