Antelope Safari 3 (New 2013)

Antelope Safari 3 (New 2013)
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**New 2013** Travel the Western states with host, Mike Eastman, who has over 50-years of hunting, and filming experience which gives him an un-surpassed knowledge of Western antelope behavior and hunting knowledge. Eastman takes you on 12 fast action DIY hunts that will produce 12 big trophy antelope bucks. In addition tag along with Guy and Mike Eastman while they harvest 4 B&C class bucks the DIY way. Not only are you going to be entertained by fast action hunts but you will learn the ins and outs of locating, stocking, and harvesting that hard to find trophy antelope buck. Watch as Mike gives away his secrets to the rut and post rut behavior that helps a hunter key in on trophy public land bucks. As an added bonus, Mike explains his simple system for field judging big antelope bucks in the field.  


- 90-Minutes of Trophy Antelope Hunting Action

- 5-DIY B&C Class Bucks taken on Video

- 12-DIY Trophy Antelope Hunts (Front & Back Cover)

- 4-Big Public Land DIY Trophy Bucks Harvested

- How to Field Judge Trophy Bucks

- Little Understood Antelope Rut Behavior

- Tips and Tactics for DIY Antelope Hunting (Front & Back Cover)


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