Digital Eastmans' Combo 1-yr Subscription (EHJ & EBJ)

Digital Eastmans' Combo 1-yr Subscription (EHJ & EBJ)
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Want to stay up with the latest in technology? Well here you go! Now you can view your monthly subscription to Eastmans' Hunting and Bowhunting Journal on your iPad, iPhone, Android phones and Amazon Kindle app.

Never wait for the stories and information in Eastmans' Hunting and Bowhunting Journal to show up in your mailbox. Once we send the magazine to the printer, the digital edition is uploaded as well. So think of the increase in time that saves when it comes to application season.

As a subscriber, you’ll also receive the coveted MRS section, which isn’t available in newsstand copies. In this members-only section, you’ll find:

  • Unit-by-unit and species-by species breakdowns of draw odds and harvest success rates in 11 western states
  • Articles on wisest use of preference points and how to manage them
  • Honest, unbiased reports that streamline the info found on the various Western states' wildlife agencies' websites and proclamations
  • Breakdown of units by color according to rating
  • Priceless inside info on which units to steer clear of due to excessive predation, tough winters, over-harvesting, difficult access, downward trending, etc.
  • Plus much more!

Just a reminder....

  • Your subscription will start as soon as we'll make it active in our system. Usually 24 hours or less.


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