Public Land Mulies, Limited Leather Bound Edition

Public Land Mulies, Limited Leather Bound Edition
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Leather bound, foil embossed, signed and numbered from 1 to 100. We are offering only remaining First Editions from our archives. This book is a must for your collection. Artwork pulled from the book is matted, signed, and numbered to match the book number by the artist.

As one of the West's most noted public land mule deer hunters, David Long has not only devised but perfected a system for hunting public land bucks that is sure to produce improved results for even the most seasoned mule deer hunter. David's extensive knowledge of mule deer behavior through his field experience as an author, videographer, and most importantly an accomplished mule deer hunter is spelled out in black and white inside the pages of this book. Whether you are hunting the deserts of Arizona or above the timber line basins of Colorado's high country this book covers mule deer strategies, techniques and behaviors that will help you become a more successful deer hunter, period.

"Public Land Mulies is the most detailed book on public land D-I-Y mule deer hunting ever written." 
Mike Eastman, Founder, Eastmans' Hunting Journal 

"This book is a must for everyone who is planning to hunt mule deer for the first time or the person who sees them in their backyard every morning." 
Jim Zumbo, Hunting Editor, Outdoor Life

Public Land Mulies, the Bottom Line limited leather bound edition includes:

  • Leather Bound
  • Foil Embossed
  • Over 300 pages!
  • Over 100 pages of color!
  • Hundreds of photos, charts and graphs detailing where to find trophy bucks!
  • Includes a 60 minute supplemental DVD.
  • Includes a piece of signed and matted art (30 x 27 in) from the book.
  • 8 huge sections!

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