Due North

Due North
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Whether it's trudging through waist-high snow deep in the Canadian Rockies, crawling across the soggy tundra of northern Quebec, saddled up on a sure-footed mount in Yukon Territory, or crossing spring-runoff-swollen rivers in BC, it's all part of hunting the North Country - the Eastman Way. North Country adventures are magical and captivating. It's no coincidence the Eastman family has been hunting there for three generations, starting in the 1950s. Join Eastmans' staff as they hunt the North Country with rifles and bows on 100% fair chase hunts. Adventure abounds as they find world-class trophies on world-class adventures. Watch in awe as some of the biggest trophies ever taken on film are downed, including a monster 440 gross B&C caribou! Sit tight - the cameras are rollin', the barrels are smokin', the bows are thumpin', and there are plenty of big bulls, bears, and billies on the horizon. Total Run Time: Over 80 mins.

This DVD includes:

  • 6 Bowhunts 
  • BC Grizzly Hunt 
  • 3 Caribou Species Hunted 
  • BC Mountain Goat
  • Yukon Trophy Moose Hunt 
  • Huge Alaska Brown Bear 
  • Re-mastered Bonus Hunt

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