Elk Hunting The Rut 2- New for 2014!

Elk Hunting The Rut 2- New for 2014!
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Follow lockstep with Guy Eastman as he guides you through the dark canyons and high-country basins of the "Big Four" elk states- Wyoming, Montana, Colorado and Idaho. Your journey will start during the pre rut and continue through the rut fest, peak rut, second cycle and post rut. If you still find yourself holding a tag, Guy will teach you tips and tactics on how to successfully hunt the late season.

• 9 Western Elk Hunts
• Experience the “Big Four” Elk States – WY, MT, CO, ID
• 5 Bulls Over 350 B&C Are Taken Including A Monster
• 370-Class At A Mere 42 Yards With A Rifle

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