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Mike Eastman

Guy Eastman

Ike Eastman

The Eastmans' story began in 1956 with Gordon Eastman, a pioneer in adventure hunting and wildlife cinematography. Gordon laid the groundwork for outdoor productions, catching the eye of Walt Disney and government agencies. He was the first to film in the North Country of Canada building a rock solid foundation of excellence in original content production. 


Mike Eastman, Gordon's oldest son, built upon his father's vision and his own vast expertise in the outdoors to create Eastmans' Hunting Journal in 1987. Mike's books and Hunting Journal were grounded in the ethics of fair chase and a desire to provide western big game hunters not only a place to share their stories but a resource to become better hunters. Eastmans' Hunting Journal quickly ascended to be the source for reliable information on big game hunting. 


In 1998 Eastmans' added Eastmans' Hunting TV on the Outdoor Channel, and in 2000, Eastmans' Bowhunting Journal, growing the brand and providing even more first class information for western big game hunters. 


Guy and Ike Eastman continued grandpa Gordon's traditions and expanded Mike's vision into Eastmans' Publishing Inc., a multimedia corporation that carries the torch of the Eastman family hunting heritage. Eastmans' Publishing Inc. is a media powerhouse bringing today's hunters a broad array of content from the Journals, Eastmans' Hunting TV, Beyond The Grid YouTube series, Eastmans' Elevated Podcast, Eastmans' Flycast Podcast, Wingmen YouTube channel and podcast, Eastmans' Forum, Eastmans' Blog and Newsletter and now TagHub, a next level western hunting research tool and the hub of the Eastmans' media empire. 


A lot has changed since 1956 but one thing remains constant; Eastmans' is and always will be the number one source for western big game media, rooted in fair chase and dedicated to hunters. 


"I’d like to thank you guys for putting together the best hunting magazine out there.  The pictures, stories and information provided in your magazines are the best and I certainly appreciate everything you do."

                                   ERIC D. -WY


"Just wanted to thank you for your tip on one of your sleeper units. I had been considering that unit after going thru the MRS section of the magazine for the past several years. With max points and your input I finally decided to apply. Well, I drew and I had an awesome hunt! I passed on 170” bucks daily and in the end, I shot a great buck grossing 186" B&C! Your magazine and MRS section also helped with me taking a 30” buck in Nevada several years ago. Keep up the good work, I really enjoy what you guys do for us!"

                                  DAN F. -WA

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