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Digital Access

Changing the DNA of Hunting Research*

Eastmans’ digital EHJ & EBJ editions presents a powerful change in the delivery of hunting research data—

Yes, we’ve changed the delivery of the online Members Research Section (MRS). Here’s the low down...

Why did we change the MRS delivery? To better serve hunters needs. (No, it’s not to rob anyone of anything, including ourselves).

How does our new digital MRS delivery better serve hunter needs?

  1. Easy viewing on your computer via the emailed link or on your tablet or phone via the FREE Eastmans’ EHJ & EBJ apps
  2. Searchable content using keyword search. We’ve loaded your library with two years worth of journals. That’s two years of the MRS, two years of hunter stories, two years of advanced tips & tactics, etc...
  3. Receipt of the MRS two weeks earlier than the printed magazine – at least. And additional ‘Digital Only’ content like additional insider MRS info, additional stories, additional offers, etc.
  4. Downloadable to your mobile device or computer for take it with you offline viewing anytime.
  5. And the cost for current subscribers? Just $10 per title (EHJ or EBJ). You’re talking about the cost of two cups of coffee for a one-year digital upgrade. We only pass along the cost to maintain digital and to continue the technology moving forward.

Subscribers – Upgrade and add digital now!

EHJ Digital UpgradeEBJ Digital UpgradeGet both EHJ & EBJ Digital Upgrade

EHJ & EBJ Subscribers: The MRS is always in the back of each subscription copy. We encourage you to try the digital version FREE.


Digital FREE Trial

Click Here For Free Trial!

*We no longer support the MRS Online product. We apologize for any inconvenience.