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EBJ Hunt Winner


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1.  Must be a current EBJ subscriber 


2.  Current EBJ subscribers are eligible for the FREE trophy elk hunt. Subscribe to both Journals for a chance at both drawings. 


3.  For each gift subscription given, earn a hunt entry for you and your gift recipient. 


4.  The elk hunt is scheduled for mid-September and deer hunt in mid-October. 


5.  Next Drawing Date:  August 15, 2021 (EBJ). 


6.  The hunts will be filmed for an episode on Eastmans’ Hunting TV. 


7.  Hunt Winners will receive an unbelievable gear package from our sponsors. 


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2021 Elk Hunt Winner

Keith Sellner - Maryland

EBJ Subscriber since 2020

The Phone call:


Last November I purchased two subscriptions to Eastmans’ Hunting Journals and gave one as a Christmas present. On August 19th, I returned home to find a voicemail from Wyoming. I figured it was another telemarketer telling me my car’s warranty had expired.


Unbelievable – the message was from Ike Eastman congratulating me on winning the 2021 Elk Hunt.


I think I played that voicemail half a dozen times – each time I thought NO WAY. One of my hunting buddies is messing with me. So, I called the number and sure enough it was true!


Ike gave me all the details about the hunt – it would take place in southern Colorado, and it was a rifle hunt, for bugling bull elk.


It was literally a dream come true for this eastern whitetail hunter – who has never hunted out West, let alone hunted screaming bulls during the rut in Colorado!

The Meet and Greet:


After getting all the details worked out, I arrived at the ranch outside of Trinidad, Colorado. Once there I was greeted by the whole Eastmans’ “gang” Ike, Guy, Johnny the guide, Bobby the ranch owner, the video squad, Lindsey, Harrison and Evan.


Each of them was very personable and a true American. They all made me feel extremely welcome and right at home.


The Interview:


After getting settled, Ike invited me to the front porch of the ranch for the opening interview.


The porch overlooked a picturesque valley, bordered by mountains on each side and in the distance the Sangre Cristo mountains.


We were not alone, a flock of Merriam’s turkeys, and herds of elk with bugling bulls all tending to their harems.


Pinch me… I hope this is not a dream!


This was much more than an interview – it seems the Eastman’s sponsors had pitched in BIG TIME with some over-the-top gifts. It was a little embarrassing for someone who doesn’t like to be the center of attention.


Many thanks to all the Eastman family and sponsors for the great gifts. Savage Arms Rifle, Sig Sauer binos, Zamberlan boots, Yeti luggage, Swagger Stalker Lite and QD Bipod, Eberlestock pack, Alaska Guide Creations bino pack, Outdoor Edge knife, Kryptek and Black Rifle Coffee!


A total value of $3,000 and I got to hunt with the Eastmans’ for a trophy bull elk! I was speechless.


The Hunt:


Once the interview was wrapped up it was time to focus on the hunt. I still could hardly believe this was all real.


Every day Johnny put us on bulls, working his cow calls and getting responses from eager bulls looking for company.


On Monday morning we spotted a nice bull about 500 yards away looking straight at us. We could just see his head and antlers above the tall oak brush. When he turned sideways both Johnny and Guy gave a,  “WOW! That is a good bull.”

We chased him that day, never getting a clean shot. So, we decided to back out that evening,  leaving him with his cows, and try again the next day.


The next morning, we glassed the canyon where we left him and found no sign. As we worked our way around the rim of the canyon, Johnny spotted the cows below with the bull out in front. It was kind of controlled chaos. Guy and Evan were in the back trying to get the camera equipment ready, I was  getting the gun and bipod set up, all while Johnny was barking orders like a drill sergeant.


Johnny called out the yardage. Guy was on the camera. I was settled behind the gun. The bull was walking away, heading for dense timber. Johnny hit the cow call and gave the yardage. The bull stopped in a small opening and turned, presenting a shot.

I let one fly from the 6.5 PRC.


CRACK! Guy said, “Where did the bull go?”


Johnny replied, “He dropped him!”


We could see the tip of his antler rack a small sapling a couple times and then, nothing.


What a trip!

What an adventure!


Not only did I get to meet some great people, experience the “big sky country” and bugling bulls, now I have my own bull, which I helped pack out, along with many others of the team.


This hunt will be forever burnt into and replayed in my mind for the rest of my time on Earth!


Thanks to the Eastmans’ entire team, Johnny the guide, and Bobby the owner, for a dream come true!

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