EBJ Hunt Winner





1.  Must be a current EBJ subscriber 


2.  Current EBJ subscribers are eligible for the FREE trophy elk hunt. Subscribe to both Journals for a chance at both drawings. 


3.  For each gift subscription given, earn a hunt entry for you and your gift recipient. 


4.  The elk hunt is scheduled for mid-September and deer hunt in mid-October. 


5.  Next Drawing Date:  August 15, 2020 (EBJ). 


6.  The hunts will be filmed for an episode on Eastmans’ Hunting TV. 


7.  Hunt Winners will receive an unbelievable gear package from our sponsors. 


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2018 Elk Hunt Winner

Ty Johnson-Oregon

EBJ Subscriber since 2009

Living in Oregon I’m no stranger to western big game hunting or the Eastman family for that matter. I’ve been a subscriber to EASTMANS’ HUNTING JOURNALS for some time and always enjoyed both the magazines and the television shows along with their YouTube videos too. There’s just something about seeing average hunters like me in the pages of a big time magazine that is fun to read. It helps me get excited for hunting season too. I don’t think there is a better hunting company out there than EASTMANS’ HUNTING JOURNALS.


Talk about excitement, how about getting a phone call from Ike Eastman to tell me that I’d been selected as the 2018 Elk Hunt Winner! You could have knocked me over with a feather! Hunt elk with the Eastmans’ in Colorado on the famous Hill Ranch, all because I’m a subscriber? You’ve got to be kidding me!


This entire thing was amazing, it was something I’ll never forget. Words simply cannot describe how generous the Eastmans are and how their sponsors go above and beyond to hook up hunt winners like me with incredible free gear that I didn’t just get to use on the hunt but get to keep for good! Not to mention that the elk hunt itself was something that I’m still trying to fully wrap my mind around.


More elk than I’ve seen anyplace with bigger than life bulls provided a hunt that I’ll never forget and one I’ll likely never top. Guy and Ike made this experience even better by being by my side the entire time filming for an episode of EASTMANS’ HUNTING TV and lending their expert opinions to the guide’s extensive knowledge, it was like getting a crash course on trophy elk hunting from the best of the best. Unreal and a total kick in the pants.  


When I harvested my awesome bull I felt like I’d become more than a subscriber, I felt I’d become part of that extended Eastmans’ family that Guy and Ike talk about all the time. They truly understand the hunting brotherhood and I am proud to be a part of it with them. Not to mention I get a really cool magazine, videos, and a television series to be a closer part of too.


I’m so glad I am an Eastmans’ subscriber. Of course anybody who wins this hunt would say that but there’s more to it. Even if I hadn’t won the elk hunt, being a part of something like the Eastmans do is special. They celebrate the average guy and for a few of us, reward our loyalty with incredible hunts every year. If you don’t have a subscription, you’d better take care of it because you never know when your number will be called.

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