EHJ Hunt Winner


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1.  Must be a current EHJ subscriber 


2.  Current EHJ subscribers are eligible for the FREE trophy mule deer hunt. Subscribe to both Journals for a chance at both drawings. 


3.  For each gift subscription given, earn a hunt entry for you and your gift recipient. 


4.  The elk hunt is scheduled for mid-September and deer hunt in mid-October. 


5.  Next Drawing Dates: February 15, 2021 (EHJ). 


6.  The hunts will be filmed for an episode on Eastmans’ Hunting TV. 


7.  Hunt Winners will receive an unbelievable gear package from our sponsors. 


2018 Mule Deer Hunt Winner

David Matthias-Iowa

EHJ Subscriber since 2010

My hunting started when I was a boy with rabbits and squirrels and later on, pheasants in my home state of Iowa. I have been a hunter for a long time and annually hunt whitetails with both bow and gun.


For years I’ve watched others live out their dreams both in the pages of EASTMANS’ HUNTING JOURNALS and on EASTMANS’ HUNTING TV while I dreamed of a western hunt for myself but hadn’t taken the leap yet. Life has a funny way of sorting things out.


When I got the call from Ike Eastman that I had been chosen as the 2018 Mule Deer Hunt Winner I was honestly in shock. These kinds of things don’t happen to me, I’m just an everyday guy from Iowa. Ike asked if I wanted to accept the hunt and I was thinking, “who wouldn’t?”


The friendly Eastmans’ staff helped me arrange the particulars like licensing and directions to the ranch where Sizzlin’ S Outfitters resides. I arrived in Broadus, Montana in October excited for this dream hunt. I was met by Guy Eastman who would be filming my hunt for an episode of EASTMANS’ HUNTING TV! The dream didn’t end there though, Guy opened up the back of his truck to reveal free gear from Sitka, Savage, Sig… there was more but my mind was racing, all this awesome equipment would have been more than incredible but I had a mule deer hunt to look forward to as well! This was awesome.


The first day of the hunt was surreal. I was hunting mule deer in Montana, with Guy Eastman, seeing tons of bucks and enjoying the splendor of the West in October, all because I am a subscriber to Eastmans’ Hunting Journals. In the end I took a gorgeous muley buck after hunting hard and learning a lot about both western hunting and Montana.


I don’t really like the word epic but it perfectly fits this hunt and this experience. The Eastmans’ are truly a first class company and family. I never dreamed that a simple magazine subscription could end up netting me the hunt of my dreams but it did. Not to mention I got to and still get to enjoy the stories from other western big game hunters all year long with my subscription to EASTMANS’ HUNTING JOURNALS.


If I could tell one thing to my fellow hunters out there, it would be to make sure you are subscribed to EASTMANS’ HUNTING JOURNALS because you just never know, it could be your name drawn next time.


Thank you Eastmans’ for such an incredible experience.

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