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EHJ Hunt Winner


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1.  Must be a current EHJ subscriber 


2.  Current EHJ subscribers are eligible for the FREE trophy mule deer hunt. Subscribe to both Journals for a chance at both drawings. 


3.  For each gift subscription given, earn a hunt entry for you and your gift recipient. 


4.  The elk hunt is scheduled for mid-September and deer hunt in mid-October. 


5.  Next Drawing Dates: February 15, 2021 (EHJ). 


6.  The hunts will be filmed for an episode on Eastmans’ Hunting TV. 


7.  Hunt Winners will receive an unbelievable gear package from our sponsors. 


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2020 Mule Deer Hunt Winner

Ricky Bobbit-Texas

I was born in East Texas in 1960 and have lived here all my life. GOD and my family mean everything to me. My family and I love to be in the outdoors hunting, fishing and camping. I couldn’t believe it when I heard the message from Ike Eastman. I thought it was a scam! I would not call the number he left. I called the phone number in the magazine to make sure. They confirmed it was true.                          


The hunt was many good bucks! Rod Paschke and his staff had done their job. Now if I could hold up my end of the bargain. The Eastmans had certainly picked the right outfitter! Then we woke up Sunday morning to a blizzard! I think the chill factor was 15 below. I had never experienced anything like it. 


The good thing was I found out how good Sitka Gear is. Despite the horrible weather Mr. Paschke never let up. I could tell he was determined to get me the buck that we saw the first morning before legal shooting hours. He was WIDE and the buck I wanted. We saw a lot of good bucks but not that buck, it was like he had crawled in a hole. Rod never pushed me to shoot a lesser buck even though they looked really good to me. Mile after mile we glassed with the Sig binoculars, what seemed like every inch of the property.                   


On the fourth morning things just seemed different, Rod got us up a little earlier and pushed us a little harder to get us out there. Once hunting he slowed down. He scanned every nook and cranny with the binoculars. Once in a while I would point out what I thought to be a “good” buck, he would look for a moment and say “another squeaker” and go back to glassing. 


After a while Rod said, “that’s a pretty good buck,” as he put his spotting scope out the window. 


This got my full attention because I had not heard him say that in four days of hunting. As I leaned around Rod to see the buck he stepped out of the sagebrush. With the snow behind him I could tell he was no squeaker!   


Megan ranged him at 673 yards about that time Rod said, “he has a cheater!”


This really got everyone’s attention and Guy said, “we like cheaters.”     


I didn’t see how we could get close enough to get a shot but Rod quickly came up with a plan. We went around the mountain and up over the top. After Rod located the buck we dropped down into a draw down wind of the buck. Rod pulled off a perfect stalk and got me within 137 yards of him which made it easy to put a Hornady through his shoulders. If you don’t think Hornady American Whitetail will take down a big mulie you are wrong, just watch the video.


This was a very special experience but it was made extra special that my daughter Megan was welcomed on the hunt by Guy, Rod and all the guys in camp. Everyone was so nice and we made new friends.                                                                                                

Many thanks to everyone at Eastmans’,Savage, Sitka, Sig Sauer, Swagger, Yeti and Hornady for everything. You made memories for Megan and me that will last a lifetime. Above all I thank GOD for creating it all for us to enjoy for HE makes all things possible.

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