The Art of Patience and Persistence

Bob Schnee - The Art of Patience and PersistenceDecember/January 2012 EHJ (Issue 128) - Dawn…its amber edge and pink puffy clouds, advanced on the eastern horizon. Bob Schnee and I slipped quietly down an old abandoned jeep trail that led to a hidden arroyo. The cries of a solitary coyote cut the brisk morning breeze and subtle dry grass aroma of the high prairie. Providing light for our approach, the harvest moon faded into a dark sky over the snow capped Spanish Peaks to the west. Hopefully, a big mule deer buck was still here.

The river bottoms south and west of us held good concentrations of deer. Mature bucks were joining herds of does in the alfalfa fields. Finding the great buck we were seeking would be a challenge, as he might be in the river bottom country on neighboring lands.