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The Best $40 I Ever Spent

The Best $40 I Ever SpentDec/Jan 2011 EHJ (Issue 122) - In early August I came home from work and was taking off my boots when I realized I was standing on a big envelope. Not quite sure what to think of it, I looked at who it was from and saw it said “Eastmans’”. I figured it was something about my subscription or a special offer they had. I opened it up and was shocked when I saw that it said I had been chosen as the 2010 EBJ Elk Hunt Winner. 

I went through the contacts on my phone, starting with my family and then the people I work for. The first person I got to share the news with was my mom and we were wondering if this was really true! The worst part was that I had to wait all weekend to confirm it. It really was the longest weekend of my life.