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Beyond the Grid from Eastmans’ is a docu-series hosted by Dan Pickar exploring the world of big game hunting from a unique over the shoulder perspective in locations and in pursuit of beyond the pale adventures from the plains of the American West to the mountains of Asia. Lace up your boots, strap up your pack and try to keep up as this fast-paced series will sweep you into the action and along for the adventure.


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Eastmans’ Hunting Journals Digital Edition is the original resource for Western Big Game hunting. Featuring three generations and over 60 years’ worth of knowledge EHJ not only brings you field proven tips, tactics and gear reviews from the experts in western big game hunting, each issue is packed with stories from hunters like you. Don’t forget the Member’s Research Section (MRS) in the back of each subscriber issue that brings you the latest in Western Big Game information on a state by state basis.


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Eastmans’ Elevated Podcast with host Brian Barney is the podcast for hardcore Western Big Game hunters. Brian does one thing every single episode, talks hunting! From tips and tactics for locating and stalking to shooting strategies and even photo taking advice, Eastmans’ Elevated keeps you up to date and in the know all while entertaining you as Brian and his guests take you along on their hunts and breakdown the skills and mindset needed to be successful in the Western Big Game hunting arena.



Mule Deer Methodology- 5 Tactics for Taking Your Biggest Buck

I am blessed to know many of the finest mule deer hunters in the country. Some of them you have heard of, like Brian Barney and Guy Eastman. Then there are some that you haven’t and probably never will because trophy mule deer hunters are often a secretive group who don’t want their names drawing attention. Which brings me to what I consider the best perk of my job, it is learning about how these consistent killers have grown over the years and regularly put big bucks on the ground. This article is all about the tactics that I or some of the best I have ever met employed to kill mature, grey faced, strong scoring mule deer almost every single season.