for the entire MRS digitally. Follow the link to purchase, the digital version (updated monthly).  You'll also get the 2015, 2016, and 2017 Books.

Twenty years ago Eastmans’ Hunting Journal ran the very first Members Research Section, the first research section of its kind. It still really does not have a close competitor for breadth and quality of information.

To keep that up, Guy felt the MRS was due for an update this year. We looked at space, content, what new information we could provide and how to best present it. We also looked at freshness and usefulness of the data and commentary as well as operational improvements.

If you thought we just combined information from online state wildlife sites, we do that, but we also get information from talking to biologists, wildlife officers, biometricians and other employees and some internal Game &

 Fish reports. Some data is put together for us. Some is available only by formal written request. Some comes from people and places that might surprise you. That’s not to mention our experienced staff writers, their outdoor contacts and the three generations of the Eastman family that
have made sharing their knowledge of trophy big game hunting with you their life’s work.


Realizing that you have limited time and usually limited money, we help narrow down your sometimes thousands of choices across the West to the best areas. If you value your time, the hundreds of collective hours our writers spend to pull all this together for you combined with their own knowledge of these states is invaluable.

We schedule getting that information to you so that you have at least 30 days to digest it before choosing your areas well before the state’s application deadline. From experience we know when the state will have that data available. Those two factors set the issue date for each state MRS.

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