UNBELIEVABLE wildlife MIGRATION! - Story of Wyoming’s Mule Deer


Migration is key to the survival of mule deer and other wildlife. Understanding migration paths is a key to conserving mule deer and other wildlife for generations to come. As our landscapes become more developed conservation of migration corridors is becoming more important. This is the story of Wyoming's mule deer. Ongoing migration research is setting the standard for mule deer conservation across the West.


Mule Deer Foundation and Eastmans’ Hunting Journals Present the Living Legends Collection of hand selected single cask Wyoming Whiskey.


This hand picked, premium, private stock, single barrel bourbon is a collaborative effort between Eastmans’ Hunting Journals, Mule Deer Foundation and Wyoming Whiskey. There are few things more “Wyoming” than giant mule deer bucks like Goliath, Morty and Popeye. From their verdant high mountain summer haunts to the sagebrush plains they wintered on, these iconic deer inspired paintings, stories, books and have fueled the dreams of generations of hunters. We are proud to bring you this limited run celebrating three of the world’s largest mule deer, who just happened to call Wyoming home. So raise a glass with us and toast these Wyoming legends.

100% of the funds generated from the sale of each bottle will go to the Mule Deer Foundation, with 90% of that going to on the ground projects right here in Wyoming to benefit mule deer migration corridors!

Less than 60 hand numbered bottles will be available to the public annually per each Living Legend mule deer.

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