Guy Eastman

Guy Eastman is clearly the authority for the next generation of fair chase, western trophy big game hunters. He’s a dynamic lecturer, host of Eastmans’ Hunting TV and Editor-in-chief of both the Eastmans’ Hunting and Bowhunting Journals. Guy holds a bachelor’s degree from Purdue University in Engineering, and the attention to detail this background brings, provides him the ability to maintain Eastmans' Publishing status as the dominant industry leader. In his down time, Guy and his wife Rinda, can be found stalking the backwaters of northern Wyoming’s numerous rivers in pursuit of large trout with fly rods in hand.


Mike Eastman

Mike Eastman is a fifth-generation westerner that grew up in the wilderness of Wyoming. At the age of 14 he started exploring the backcountry with his father, Gordon Eastman – a legendary wildlife photographer, guide and hunter. By the age of 25, Mike was an accomplished outdoorsman, wilderness guide, wildlife photographer, adventurer and Vietnam veteran having served two tours. In 1987, he founded the nationally acclaimed hunting magazine, Eastmans’ Hunting Journal (EHJ) and followed it in 2000 with Eastmans' Bowhunting Journal (EBJ). Mike is a best-selling author and international award-winning photographer that has penned several books including Hunting High Country Mule Deer, Elk Hunting the West, Hunting Trophy Antelope and Mule Deer Hunting Tactics. Mike is a versed outdoorsman and devotes all of his free time to writing and photography.


Ike Eastman

Ike Eastman is the president of Eastmans’ Publishing and oversees the daily operations of Eastmans’ Hunting TV, Eastmans’ Hunting and Bowhunting Journals, and Eastmans’ Live Events including the Trophy Deer Tour. He regularly lends his hunting expertise on Eastmans’ Hunting TV, films in the fall and is hands-on in almost every facet of the company. Ike holds a degree from the University of Wyoming in Business and thoroughly enjoys fishing and backcountry snowmobiling in the off-season with his two daughters and wife Candi.