Issue 114: 3rd DAY MAGIC

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

The night before opening day felt like Christmas Eve as a kid. I didn’t sleep a wink that night. As the alarm went off at 3:30, we got all our gear ready and hit the trail. Day one was disappointing, with no eyes on the bull we had scouted during the summer and named, “Surrender” but hadn’t seen in weeks.

Day two was the same story, we glassed up a giant five point that really had me questioning if I should pursue him but I decided to pass and continue the search. On day three we got to our glassing point and started scanning the canyons. We were seeing multiple bulls, but they were all the bulls we had already seen the past two days. Later in the morning I glassed a bull deep in the bottom of a canyon and he looked solid. We pulled out the scope and were surprised to see a giant 6x7 that we had never seen before. He was sporting an awesome eight inch cheater off his sword on the right side. He was heavy, wide and had great tine length on all his tines except the fifths. I debated with my buddy Denton for about 15 minutes if I should put a stalk on this bull or not. We were hunting for one bull in particular but this giant 6x7 would also be an awesome bull to harvest.

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