"Time is one thing that I cannot make more of. I am a busy man, more so now than ever before, and because of this, I needed to call in the big guns. The unit I drew my tag in was only 2.5 hours from my home, but I could not effectively scout it. I talked again with my friend, Cody, and we both agreed that I needed to hire a guide. It was not that I could not do this myself on a normal year; it is that I cannot make more time in a day, and my other commitments were dominating the time I would need to scout. I made a call to Chance and Kevin Marshall with Extreme Outfitters. It took about 45 seconds of me talking to Chance to know he was the right man for the job. This tag was, in my eyes, a real once-in-a-lifetime tag, and I was not going to go about this hunt with anything other than precision."

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