Issue 113: Hard Bow Cases

The Plano story, which began in 1952, started with the creation of a rust-proof tackle box for fishing. In 1995, Plano entered the hunting category, making gun, bow and crossbow cases. Now, Plano makes cases for about every category including home storage. With the mass quantities of cases that Plano produces, they make a case for every type of hunter with a price that can’t be beat. Most hunting cases they make are light duty and great for everyday use. Whether it is to the range and back or the trailhead and back, they have a case that anyone can afford. The first bow case I ever purchased was the Protector Series single-bow case from Sportsman’s Warehouse for $50. I’ve used it many years for at-home use and any hunt that I can drive to as it provides the basic protection I need in the back of the truck.

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