Issue 101 - Unexpected Nudge

Updated: May 9, 2018

As The Montana Archery Elk Season Approached, All I Could Think About Was Sending My Arrow Through A Big, Old, Mature Bull Elk. With A Special Permit In My Pocket For An Area With High Elk Numbers That Is Known To Have Big Bulls, I Set The Bar High In Pursuit Of A Big Montana Bull. I Knew A Goal Like This Would Be Very Challenging. It Would Take Patience, Hard Work And The Will Power To Let 300-Class Bulls Walk Away. To Compound The Difficulty, I Am A 20-Year-Old Kid Who Attends College Full Time With A Job Part Time And That Leaves Only Weekends To Hunt. I Was Up For The Challenge Anyway But Knew That If I Didn’t Play My Cards Right, I Could Possibly Walk Away From This Season With A Tag Still In My Pocket.