Issue 103 - Gear Lab

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Your Release Aid Is No Different Than A Trigger On A Rifle. Precision Accuracy Is Impossible To Achieve If You Have A Bad Trigger. The Same Goes For Archery. I’ve Been Shooting An Index Finger Trigger Release My Whole Life. I’m Not A Competition Shooter, But I Have Tried To Switch To A Thumb Style And Back Tension Style Release And Encountered Consistency Problems. I Never Have Had Issues With Target Panic And A Trigger Release Works Great For Me. And So I’ve Stuck With What I’m Good With. I’ve Probably Shot And Hunted With A Dozen Different Trigger Releases Since My Introduction To Archery At Age 13. Some Were Cheap, Some Were Good And A Few Were Great. I’ve Hunted With Dual Caliper, Single Caliper And Hook Releases And Each Type Has Its Redeeming Qualities, But Few Are Often Perfect. Here’s A Few Great Ones, So Let’s Jump Right In.


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