Issue 103 - High Country Velvet Dreams

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

My Brother Called Me A Few Weeks After We Had Notched Our Tags On Our First-Ever Archery Mule Deer In Utah. He Was “Little Kid On Christmas Morning Excited” To Tell Me He Just Got Off The Phone With Marc. Marc Invited Us Both On An Exploratory Hunt To A New Property He Had Secured For The Following Bow Season. He Was Looking To Get Pictures And A Positive Review Of The Area In Order To Sell The Hunt. It Sounded Like A Dream. I Needed To Commit In The Next Few Days Or The Spots Would Be Filled. I Can Still Remember Where I Was When The Text From My New Boss Came Through Saying I Could Take Ten Days Off In The Heart Of The Guide Season In Alaska. I Think I May Have Had Some Happy Tears In My Eyes As I Dialed My Brother’s Number To Tell Him,” I’m In!”