Issue 104 - Gear Lab

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

It’s That Time Of Year Again, When You’ve Done Several Heavy Meat Hauls After Your Own Or A Buddie’s Successful Hunt. If You Were Lucky You Had A Hybrid Design Pack With Some Sort Of Load Shelf To Help Carry That 90lb. Hindquarter. If Not You Either Stuffed It In Or Strapped It To Your Daypack Or Worst Of All Simply Slung That Slab Of Flesh Over Your Shoulder And Gutted Out The Pain. I Did That Once, That’s Correct, Once. I Vowed After That Torture Test To Always Have An Old School Packframe Dedicated For Hauling Meat. There Is Nothing Like Struggling, No, Suffering Under A Heavy Load To Force Evaluation Of Your Current Meat Packing System. There Is Also Nothing Like Packing With A Packframe To Make You Appreciate Just How Effectively Those Time-Tested Designs Haul Heavy Loads. Simply Put, There Is No Substitute.