Issue 106 - 2018 Western Bow Review: Part 1

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Another Year, Another Set Of Awesome Bows Coming Down The Pike! This Year’s Western Bow Review Will Be Two Parts, Covering Six New Bows For Out West. The First Half Includes Bowtech, Mathews, And Prime, With The Second Half Including Hoyt, Bear, And Elite In EBJ 107. In 2018, Bow Manufacturers Have Gravitated Toward One Design And Style. That Is, Wide Limb Pockets, Split Limbs, And Dual-Bridged Risers. This Style Of Platform Provides A Stable System With A Stiff Riser Making Tuning Exceptionally Easy And Lending Incredible Shootability To These Bows. It Is Now Easier Than Ever For A Beginner To Pick Up A Bow And Shoot Consistently. And Most Importantly, You, The Bowhunter Are Really Going To Benefit.