Issue 111 - Off Season Hunts

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Okay, we diehard bowhunters have to face the fact that it’s officially the off-season. Chasing extreme high-country muley bucks is over for the year, antelope hunting in the hot summer sun is gone for another season, and the rut-crazed elk hunting of September is now a distant memory. Heck, even the late-season, rutted-up whitetail and mule deer hunting is over for another year. Now comes the essential work of improving our archery skills and studying up on future hunts and tags, but how do we make it a year without that bowhunting thrill we yearn for? The answer is, we don’t; we find off-season bowhunts to keep us sharp and excited. I look forward to these hunts as they can be just as fun as prime time hunts. You get to plan and plot and then put yourself in a different habitat chasing a different species. You get to embark on an adventure to a different place and immerse yourself in the ultimate challenge that is bowhunting!

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