Issue 118: 2020 Bow Roundup

Adjustability is the tune of the bow industry in 2020. Some bow companies have set trends that others are following and others are coming up with new technology that is pretty darn cool! The 2020 trends show that bows with a 31” ATA, a 6.5” brace height, with speeds around 340 fps are the most common and just about every bow company offers a bow with this spec. The last four or five years have shown the trend in technology move to, wide limb pockets, robust risers, and oversize cams. This technology has proven to be the easiest to tune and keep in tune as well as having no vibration on the shot and a stealthy, quiet release. With this, we have seen overall bow weights rise well into the 4 lb. range, which is almost a half a pound heavier than a decade ago. Elite has come out with unique technology that has never been seen before which even allows the shooter to microtune the bow at the range, no bow press required.

These are exciting times for the archer as bow technology is getting better and better and bows are staying roughly the same price. So here we go!

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