Issue 118: MRS Update - MT Moose, Sheep and Goat

"Over the past three seasons of data, on average a moose hunter has reported spending over 12 days in the field. Ten years ago, the average moose hunt lasted about nine days—still a long duration—but the increasing time afield is indicative of the fact that moose hunting in Montana is growing more difficult. The moose population has suffered a long-term decline across almost all of its Montana range. The harvest reports from last season have not been prepared yet, so I used the 2016 data and my impressions to create my ratings for next season.

Moose hunting is getting harder in Montana. Hunts are taking longer, populations are smaller, and tag allocations are less. Trophy potential is still reasonable, but harvest success is on the decline. Until we reverse the shrinking population, the moose hunting outlook will not be great."

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