Issue 157 - 8 Tips for Next Level Hunting Photography

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Since childhood, the concept of stealing an instance in time through the simple click of a button was alluring. I was drawn to photography and I suppose it was only natural the first subject matter I photographed was around one of the things I loved doing most, bowhunting with my father and brother in the backyard mountains of Alberta, Canada.

An early September backpack trip into the nearby Rockies with my dad Tom would serve as the location for the photography and sheep hunting bug to proliferate. The sheer magnitude of the landscape served as the perfect backdrop while my dad rested his bow across his shoulders and gazed out into the sea of jagged peaks. I framed the shot and squeezed the shutter release. I couldn’t get the roll of film back to the darkroom quick enough to develop the black and white negative, which turned out to be slightly blurry and poorly composed. I was 14 years old and since then I’ve been extraordinarily fortunate to find myself at the culmination of those two passions – photography and bowhunting. I’ve lugged a combination of camera equipment and hunting gear into the mountains of four different continents capturing and pursing the adventure of family and friends, new and old alike.