Issue 165 - MRS: Wyoming

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

“A steep price increase for 2018 could slow down the demand for Wyoming’s nonresident moose tags. Add to that, the fact that over the past few years hunter success rates have increased and so has bull moose quality and we have further evidence of a positive moose hunting trend in Wyoming.”

Wyoming Moose Overview

With a continued drop in moose tag quotas the moose hunting options and opportunity in Wyoming continue to dwindle. The 2017 Wyoming draw alone saw a tag quota reduction of nearly 12% or 40 total tags removed from the draw pool. Needless to say, the past 15 years has been disastrous for the Wyoming Shiras’ moose herd. With moose numbers dropping like a rock the state has been left with little choice but to remove nearly 2/3 of the once abundantly available moose tag quota and close entire moose hunting areas. The net effect of a moose tag quota reduction of this magnitude has been devastating to the preference points system. When the Wyoming point system was first conceived more than 20 years ago the mathematical modeling placed moose draws to be about 7-12 points maximum for both residents and nonresidents alike. At the current anemic levels, we could see moose tags that take 30 years or more to draw. But there is still some hope, as more and more point holders seem to be dropping out of the Wyoming system each year and with the recent cost increase for both moose tags and preference points I fully expect this trend to accelerate.