Issue 166 - MRS: Oregon

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Oregon is primarily a resident’s big game state rather than a destination state and that’s largely due to the extremely low nonresident cap and to very low allocations to out-of-staters. It has held some attraction for those who want to add a Roosevelt’s elk to their collection, but not many head there for pronghorn, deer or elk, even though there is good quality for both pronghorn and elk, but in the case of elk and deer, not much in the way of record book quality.

The main attraction to Oregon has to be for sheep and mountain goat, both of which are trophy-grade quality for trophy-grade species. Of Oregon’s 14 mountain goat hunts, 5 units average higher than the record book minimum. As for success on billies, not a single cell in the goat table has a number other than 100%. The downside is that nonresidents are allocated 2 tags. Good luck with that, and I mean it.