Issue 174: TRICK OR TREAT!

Several years ago, it became a goal of mine to shoot a nice 6x6 bull and have it mounted so that I may remember the greatness of the animal and the hunt that ensued in the harvest of that animal. I have always been a meat hunter and have shot many cows, but never a bull. My youngest son Daniel, has been having me put in for a trophy bull permit in units that are managed for quality of the bull harvested. I finally drew the tag. I do think Daniel was the most excited of all of us when he found out I drew! The first weekend of season, my sons Justin and Daniel and their friend Tim joined me to look for a bull. We saw several bulls but nothing that was close to the 320-330 benchmark I had set. We hunted three solid days, put on 30 miles and had one 300” bull shot at by other hunters as we tried getting in on it. That’s public land hunting for you!

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