Issue 175: Change of Plans

"After a broken two-day hike to get into our hunt location, I was fortunate to be on a great ram the third day. We spotted him late the night before, out of approach. As the day dragged on, with the ram not moving into favorable terrain, I found myself pushing the stalk and was caught in the open for a couple hours with barely anything on. The wind, rain, snow and sheep eyes tested my fortitude. My right arm quickly lost feeling to the sharp rock below supporting my weight and position. The precipitation and cutting wind had me fighting to suppress the need to shiver and generate heat. The probing sheep eyes trumped all with the sureness of never seeing the ram again if he busted me. With time and thankfully, proper outline concealment, he rose from his bed, comfortable of his position and returned to feeding into the draw between us, allowing me to sneak into range. I released my arrow and watched it fall 10 feet short of the mark as the ram bounded off to parts unknown."

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