Issue 179: Snowed In

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

I started to pick apart country quickly and located the bull group near the creek bottom. I started picking apart the bedded bulls but had yet to see the bull I was searching for. The bulls began to get anxious, feeling something wasn't right. I was looking at a nice bull but knew this couldn't be the bull I saw that morning. I began doubting myself and wondering. They began to move up the slope and my nerves were getting to me, where was he!? Just then, Bill said there was a big bull coming out of the bottom. I swung my scope down and located the new bull in a small opening. There was no second guessing, no questioning, it was him! He was moving, about to go behind some trees, I settled my crosshairs, and told Bill I was taking him. My first shot hit a little high, and I had to wait till he stepped out from behind the tree to remember I had ranged the other bulls at close to 400 yards, but he was quite a bit closer. I held where I needed to, and my second shot put the big bull down in the snow

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