Issue 97 - 21 Days In

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

When my brother and I drew quality bull tags together for one of the best units in Washington, we immediately got to work planning our hunt. Our friend Rob and I made a bonsai trip to set trail cams and hiked over 25 miles in a day to get cameras in all the spots we wanted to check out. Shortly after that, the excitement changed to dread when we had a really bad lightning storm, which started a bunch of fires along with the worst wildfire in state history. This included a fire along the southern part of our unit, which closed the entire area to access. It looked like our dream hunt was going up in flames. As the hunt neared, the firefighters got more of the fire under control and part of our unit would be open for the hunt. We would be very limited but at least we could give it a shot.


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