Issue 98 - Gear Lab

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Gaiters represent my favorite time of year to be in the mountains chasing mule deer and elk. Storms are raging in the high country and the snow is usually wet and deep, soaking through the best materials that the high-end pant manufacturers put out there. Spot and stalk is the name of the game in these blustery conditions and rain gear will cause way too much sweat walking through the deep snow. Gaiters function as a middle ground adding an extra layer of waterproofing to boots and pants, preventing snow from pushing pants up, dropping the white stuff into the top of your boots. Gaiters are the answer to this problem as well as a great solution to the tall wet grass and forbs that we navigate in the high country after a heavy rain or the heavy mountain dew in the morning. With a tag in hand and hard lessons learned from this bow season’s early snow, gaiters are something you won’t want to leave at home.


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