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Tee 1: 

Back by popular demand, nothing screams Eastmans’ like a classic Suburban and a huge Wyoming muley. If you love classic Eastmans’ content, this is your T-shirt! The last time we had these in stock, they went so fast it made our heads spin, so be sure to get yours ordered before they are gone. Imported.


Sizes: L-XL-XXL

Color: Charcoal


Tee 2:  

Two icons of America are the bison and the 2nd Amendment. This shirt combines the two in a patriotic, western-themed T that is certain to become your new favorite. The charcoal color is low key so the bison stands out and grabs all the attention. This one has been an immediate hit around the office. Imported. 


Sizes: L-XL-XXL

Color: Charcoal


Tee 3:

Guy Eastman collaborated with our in-house design team to produce this unique bugling woodgrain bull elk t-shirt that is an Eastmans’ favorite and instant classic. Make sure that there’s one of these ultra-comfy signature Eastmans’ shirts under the tree for the hunter in your house. Imported.


Sizes: L-XL-XXL

Color: Grey

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