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Welcome to Eastmans' Hunting Journals and thank you for joining us and supporting both Eastmans' and Savage. We have been a proud partner with Savage for over a decade and can assure you that you've made an excellent choice in a sporting arm. We've personally hunted with Savage firearms around the globe and have taken everything from elk to Marco Polo sheep with them. They never let us down and we know they won't let you down either. As a sign of our commitment to this relationship and as a thank you for supporting American businesses, we are offering this free Eastmans' Hunting Journal subscription to you on behalf of both Eastmans' and Savage. Thank you and good shooting. 

EHJ 185 Cover (1).jpg


"Thank you Eastman’s for putting together the MRS “Members Research Section”! Living out East and hunting out West makes for a daunting task of narrowing down top-trophy areas with all the vast public lands to choose from.  Choosing to hunt without an outfitter, the MRS no doubt played a valuable role in me taking my biggest buck ever!" 

                                   NICK T. -MI